Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Most men will have the occasion to wear a tuxedo at least once in his life.  Maybe it was his high school prom or his wedding or the time you played James Bond’s for Halloween.  Buying a tuxedo when you’re still young and growing might not make financial sense, especially if you’re only going to need to wear one every few years or so.


If you're an adult, it might be time to consider if you should buy a tuxedo. The decision to buy a tuxedo should not be made lightly. After all, a tuxedo is likely to be one of the most expensive items a man will ever add to his wardrobe. When deciding if the time is right for you to buy a tuxedo, consider the following:

  1. Will you need to use it at least three times in the next decade? Plan to make your tux last for a good 10 years or more. If you know you’ll need one at least three times in that period, you might be able to save money buying instead of renting.
  2. Is it likely that I’ll grow significantly in the next 10 years? I would say that the mid-20s is a great time to buy a tuxedo. You’ve had your major growth spurts, you’re probably at a weight you can maintain easily, and the risk that you’ll outgrow the tuxedo is at a minimum.
  3. Do I take good care of my clothes? If you’re the type of guy who doesn’t like to wash his clothes, iron, or even put them on a freaking hanger, you might still be better off renting a tux instead of buying one that will just be abused before you wear it for a second time.


Once you've taken a look at both options, you can make a better decision on buying versus renting.  No matter what you decide, Mr. Burch is here for you.  We're happy to help if you want to rent or buy. For more information on buying a tuxedo, contact Mr. Burch at (205) 252-3602


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular for all types of couples.  Whether it's your first-time wedding, your're renewing your vows or getting married for the second time, if you're considering the destination decision please read on for our list of 10 helpful tips on what to bring and how to pack.


1. Carry On Essentials

If you're getting married in a wedding dress, be sure to carry it with you.  Don't trust your dress to checked luggage.  Most airplanes have coat closets and will allow travelers to hang garment bags. Check with your airline.

Grooms should also carry the clothing needed for the ceremony.  You won't find many tuxedo rental shops in the islands. It is easiest to bring clothes with you. If you're traveling to another part of the country, check out our National Fit Network program.  It allows you to find a local retailer close to you to be fitted and then pick up your tuxedo when you get to your destination.  What could be easier than that?

Don't Forget the Documentation

Make sure that all the paperwork you'll need, including birth certificates and passports, if applicable — are in your hand luggage. Don't pack these in checked luggage!

2.  Looking Your Best

Many resorts have on-site beauty salons, so you can make sure your hair is perfect for your wedding day.  If you plan to do your own hair, be sure to check first on the electrical current and plugs at your destination. You may need to bring converters for hot rollers and other appliances. Many resorts also have on-site spas which can pamper you with a massage to work out the kinks from your flight.

3.  What Goes In The Suitcase?

Make sure you have wedding dress with the special undergarments that will be used for the big day. You should also pack the right type of shoes and you should consider the conditions that prevail at the place where you are going to have your wedding.

The grooms wedding attire, shoes and address book should also be part of the important destination wedding luggage. 

If you're heading to a tropical place, please understand your feet can be puffy as a result of the weather and after the long flight.


Don't forget to pack the rings and the guest book. This will be the center of attention and you may feel embarrassed to realize that your expensive ring has been left at home.

Whether your traveling to a special destination or getting married down the street, Mr. Burch is always proud to be included in the plans for your big day.  Come see us for your wedding tuxedo needs.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mr. Burch knows that different types of socks exist by the dozen, in a variety of fibers, cuts, colors, and patterns. This overwhelming selection of styles and colors might explain why so many men have a hard time picking socks that match what we're wearing. In addition, matching socks is often perceived as a trivial part of the whole grooming process. But the reality is improper coordination of socks can easily spoil your look, no matter how handsome and well-dressed you are.


As a general rule, you should match your socks to your shoes in order to create a flawless look from cuff to toe. It's all about ensuring a smooth transition between your pants, socks and shoes.

For example, if you're wearing beige pants with brown shoes, you should wear a pair of regular brown, light brown or dark beige socks, or even a pair of patterned socks that blends any combination of these colors. Wearing socks in shades that complement your trousers and shoes will avoid any stark contrast between them and enhance your overall look.


Note: Unless you're going to the gym or wearing white patent leather shoes with a white tux, there's no reason for you to wear white socks ever again. Following this rule alone will keep the fashion police off your tail more often than not.


How can you make your socks flow with the rest of your attire without sticking to more conservative solids?

The key is to mix up the color schemes in your socks and match them to the rest of your outfit without making a fashion blunder. You can do that by simply matching the colors in your socks' pattern to another article of clothing you're wearing.

Match the pattern in your socks to your shirt, tie or even the pinstripes in your suit. For example, if you're wearing a black suit with a red tie and black shoes, you can wear black socks that feature a subtle red argyle pattern or polka dots. As long as the background color of your socks matches your shoes, this rule is always a safe bet.

In more formal settings, black over-the-calf stretch nylon cotton or wool socks are fitting. You should also know socks should extend over your calves any time you're wearing a tie. This prevents any part of your bare leg from being exposed while seated and puts an end to occasional tugging, which is inexcusable.

The same matching rule applies for casual attire.  Pair the colors of your socks' pattern to another part of your outfit. For example, if you're wearing classic blue jeans, black shoes and a white T-shirt, then opt for solid black socks or a black pair that features a subtle blue pattern. Remember, you can match the patterns in your socks to your top, belt or jacket, so long as the background matches your shoes.

Finally, when it comes to athletic socks, white is fine but you can add a cool touch to your look by matching the lines or logo featured on your socks to your shorts or T-shirt. Gray socks are also a safe and stylish option for sportswear.

Mr. Burch Formal Wear is always ready to help.  If you're still in doubt about your footwear selection, just contact us.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mr. Burch Formal Wear has been around for a few years and seen a few prom seasons.  Let's take a look at Prom trends for 2013.

Chiffon:  Chiffon made a return to Formal Fashion Week for 2013.  This elegant material brings formal prom dresses to life.  A romantic look and feel for any girl especially with the material flowing as she moves on the dance floor. 

Ruffles:  Ruffles are huge for prom 2013.  Adding a feminine look to any gown, ruffles are a major fashion trend.  They add flirty flair to the already romantic look.  Throw in some sparkle and a ruffle accented gown could be on the hottest looks for prom.

Sweetheart neckline:  There is no better neckline for a strapless dress than a sweetheart neckline dress. It is without a doubt the most flattering of styles and it is sure to make unforgettable memories for years to come.

Metallic/Sequins:  Inspired by the glitz and glamour of the red carpet, metallic dresses and sparkly sequins will be all the rage this prom season.  Not sure which style you prefer?  Come by and visit the Mr. Burch Trussville location and speak with one of our customer service specialists.  We want you to look and feel your best for your big night. 

We don't want the guys to be left out!  Come see us at any of the Mr. Burch locations to redeem the $50 off tuxedo rental coupon below.   Whether you're looking for something classic or trendy, we're happy to help.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I was on Pinterest recently (okay, I was on it again for the third time today) and I came across an infographic about the expense of weddings, Weddings Are Freaking Expensive. The statistics are a little dated but much of the factual information on the top of the graphic is correct like the cost of the average wedding, average number of guests and location of ceremony.

Weddings Are Expensive

Then things took a downward turn.  There is a section titled, Bring Your Wedding Costs Down.  This section details the cost of hiring a professional versus DIY (doing-it-yourself).  Some of the information found in this area is so far from accurate I thought it was time to set the record straight.  Let's take a look at 3 of the cost saving examples.


This post suggests that you purchase a camcorder and stand to save money. While you can set up your own equipment, who will operate it?  If you leave the camera stationary, anything can happen. What if it isn't focused correctly?  A guest bumps into it during seating and changes what gets recorded. Plus, nowadays it isn't uncommon for guests to stand during the ceremony to get their own photos. You might end up with a recording of your Uncle Joe's back instead of your wedding vows. By hiring a professional, you guarantee that you'll get those moments you just can't capture from a tri-pod: the first kiss, the first dance and the look on the groom's face when he sees the bride for the first time. Not to mention an amazing finished product that has been edited by a professional.


This post suggest that guests use their own digital cameras and upload the photos to a group Facebook page.  Seriously?  You're going to trust your friends and family to get each and every one of those special must-have shots?  Not to mention waiting and hoping that the images will be upoladed.  I have a friend who still hasn't downloaded her son's first birthday photos and he graduates this year.  A professional photographer will take the shots you know you want and those you never knew you couldn't live without.  While there are some amazing digital cameras, the person operating the camera makes a huge difference.  A professional will get the right lighting, focus and feeling.  Are you sure you want to trust Uncle Joe and a disposable camera to record the most important day of your life?

Professional vs Amateur photographer


This post suggest that you use as your musical entertainment instead of a DJ.  However, the post never addresses who will play the music and on what equipment. Do you have the sound equipment necessary to play an ipod and can you set it up at your venue? A professional DJ is licensed and bonded and will come with all the necessary equipment. He will introduce your wedding party with specific details about the bridesmaids and groomsmen. He will announce the big moments and direct the crowds attention to the cake cutting, father-daughter dance or honeymoon exit. Most importantly, he will read your crowd and play the music that gets the best response. 

iPod vs DJ

There are ways to save money on your wedding, just make sure you think it through and pick the best options for you.  Talk to the wedding professionals.  These folks have been doing this for years and can give you tips and suggestions you haven't even considered. Mr. Burch has options for discounted tuxedos including getting the groom's tuxedo free.  All you have to do is ask.  At the end of the day, you'll be married.  Let's try to make it a joyful occasion full of happy memories instead of an exhausting day of trying to do everything yourself.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

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