Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The following is a guest post from Rucker Place.


Summer wedding season is here.  Of course, if you live in Alabama the summer lasts into October.  With warmer weather events, you have more options than the formal winter functions.  Spring and summer allow for less formal attire for the groom and groomsmen.  If you're planning a warm weather wedding, there are several options to consider.

Suit Up!

Tuxedos are beautiful but for a warm weather more casual event, you might consider putting the groom in a suit.  There are many color and style options to choose from so you aren't limited.  A lighter color like gray or tan will also help with the heat.





Suspenders are making a major come back with the groom and his men. Ryan Reynolds even had custom leather suspenders made for his wedding with Blake Lively. A few tips to remember for your groom is to be sure that they match his suit color, and if he decides to go with a patterned pair be sure that the rest of the outfit is monochromatic. 





Mismatched Prints

The groom can look amazing in a seer sucker suit mixed with a gingham bow tie.  Mixing patterns isn’t hard at all, you just want to be sure that your  groom’s finished look does not look like he got dressed in the dark. Simply stay in the same color family and hue. Some grooms go for softer shades and complimentary colors, and could not look any better. 




There are many fashionable options for the groom and groomsmen for warm weather weddings.  Just keep the climate in mind when planning for your big event.  Of course, if the weather gets too hot, you can always move it inside.  Please contact us for assistance with any of your wedding fashion needs.